For the release of its new perfume-deodorant AXE GOLD, the brand asked us for a digital film and an activation. The message AX GOLD was simple: you put it, you gold. Maybe too simple ...

So, to reach the target, I found an insight that speaks to all teenagers.


A battle of arguments, that's what happens in a boy's head when he wants to approach a girl.

And I chose to treat this insight in the domain where the battles reign and which speaks to our target : rap.



We chose two French rappers to deliver this message to our target.

And instead of making one movie, we made 3 clips.

Each of them shows a young man who’s held back from taking action by the questions swirling round his head.

Bigflo swiftly appears and starts dissing our hero about his self-doubt.

Then Oli appears and slates the doubt, egging our hero on.

"Cette pub est une belle évolution au niveau de la communication auprès des hommes."

"Je crois que c'est la seule pub que je n'ai pas zappé depuis longtemps et que j'ai bien aimé ! #bigfloetoli "

LeLynx96 on Youtube


The last clip offered the opportunity to participate to Axe Music Live as the first part of the Bigflo&Oli rap show.

Hundreds participated. Five chosen by the internauts. Only one by Bigflo&Oli.

AXE_GOLD_BATTLE_gold ticketAXE_GOLD_BATTLE_gold ticket


Gold - Grand Prix Stratégies du Brand Content - Branded Content

Gold - Grand Prix Stratégies du Brand Content - Musique

Gold - Youtube Works - Efficacité sur les ventes

Silver - Grand Prix Stratégies du Brand Content - Vidéos virales, intéractives


For more informations about the results, here is the case study (french).


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