The Contrex Paris City Guide


For years contrex has showed that slimming doesn’t have to be boring. Today the brand wants to demonstrate that everyday life is an opportunity to slim down while having fun.


To do this we created the Contrex Paris City Guide, a geolocalized outdoor campagne that references 300 parisians trendy spots where we can slim down without having to be at the gym.


As the assistant of Souen Le Van & Antonin Jacquot

BOOK_Contrex 2BOOK_Contrex 2

And to take it a step further we created the Contrex Paris City Guide app which lists every place mentionned in the campaign. By geolocalisation, the users get a notification indicating the closest place to burn calories while having fun.

BOOK_Contrex 3BOOK_Contrex 3

Each poster was positionned in front of the place it talked about.

exemple incrustationexemple incrustation



We reached over 1,8 million impressions on Twitter on the first day. The printed press and online bloggers relayed the campaign further. The app has been downloaded over 70 000 times. And sales in Paris increase 3,8%. After the success in Paris, Contrex decided to create city guides for Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse.

BOOK_Contrex 4BOOK_Contrex 4