The client came to us with this particular problem : « People buy our product but they don’t know who we are, they don’t pick us on purpose.» So, before embarking on conception, we showed them the cheese ads of recent years. What do they have in common ? Everything. They all look the same. And we told them that if they want to be notice, they must offer something different. Drastically different. And they agreed. 


For an old brand like Soignon (125 years), we had to show the audience that Soignon values authenticity and respects its goat cheese. But that kind of claim is not new either, so, to go off the beaten track, we chose the best character to brandish this message : the goat. 


A goat crosses France, from its little lovely farm up to Soignon’s headquarter, to put a silly sales representative in his place. Because a good goat milk deserves respect. And a good old brand needed a little bit of crazyness.


And to promote Soigon’s yogurts, we surfed on the goat’s wave and put forward its cuteness on a print campaign. 


Art director & copywriter with Maoré Vallejo